Joe grew up in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Texas in the 90’s. He served as a Marine and since has worked a number of jobs from hospitality, engineering, paramedic, home builder, the list goes on and on. He’s happy to now have his own metal shop in the TX Hill Country and get a wide range of jobs to fill his time. He has a son, Miles who is wise beyond his years and is very excited to get to spend more time in West Texas!

As a family, they love to go on adventures hiking, camping, and learning about new places or rediscovering places they have already been. The Desert Air Motel is their best adventure yet!

Nick & Sara

Originally from South Texas, Nick and Sara moved to Austin in 1998. Dripping Springs has been their home since 2004 where they are raising their two children, a dog, two goats, two rabbits and more chickens than they care to admit. Nick is part owner of the green building company Native, Inc. and Sara has kept the household running through his entreprenureal endeavers.

While rooted deeply in their community in the Texas hill country, Nick and Sara have been traveling to the Big Bend region regularly for six years. The call of the Chihuahua Desert is strong and the Desert Air Motel is home away from home.

Our Managers - John and Kim


John and Kim are originally from Colorado, but they have lived all over the US.  John spent the better part of his career working in the construction industry while Kim raised their children.  Over the last 10 years they have been living the RV lifestyle. For 6 years they were managing an RV park in Crystal City, TX (south of Uvalde). When the oil dried up, the park did too. They then moved up to Idaho to spend time with their daughter and grandkids. After spending a few years up north, they were ready to embark on their next adventure and that’s when John saw our job posting.

They started making the trek back down to Texas in mid-October and arrived in Sanderson on the 21st. Joe and I spent a couple of days showing them the ropes, introducing the town folks, and touring the town.  Then we told them good luck and set them free! They run a tight ship and we couldn’t be happier or more confident as we leave them in the care of the motel.