The Godins

Kalea and I met a few years back while sitting at a coffee shop in Austin. We quickly connected over our enthusiasm for building and creating. We didn’t start dating till Kalea moved out of the big city to hill country where we now happily reside. I have a son, Miles who is wise beyond his years and is very excited to get to spend more time in West Texas! Oh and our sweetest little dog Yeti, he’s happy as long as he gets to join us in our adventures.

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Texas in the 90’s. Texas quickly became home and I never looked back. I served as a Marine and since have worked a number of jobs from hospitality to engineering and from paramedic to home builder, the list goes on and on. I’m happy to now have my own medal shop and get a wide range of jobs to fill my time. 

Kalea has been a hairstylist by trade since 2006. Growing up on the west coast, she developed a love for the outdoors. She ran away to the greater state of Texas at age 21 and has happily been a Texan ever since. In her free time you can find her working in her garden or building something to improve our home. 

As a family we love to go on adventures! Hiking, camping, and learning about new places or rediscovering places we have already been. The desert is our home and where we all find happiness. The Desert Air Motel is going to be our best adventure yet!

- Joe

Kalea and Joe in Big Bend

Kalea and Joe in Big Bend

The Ryzas

Sara and I are both originally from Corpus Christi in south Texas.  Sara moved to Austin in 1998 as a University of Texas Longhorn, and I followed her up there after graduating from Texas A&M in Corpus.  Since 2004 we have lived in Dripping Springs, a small town about 30 minutes southwest of Austin.  We have two kids, Diego and Josephine, who are very excited about the motel and Sanderson.

In 2007, I was one of the founding partners of BuildNative (a green construction company) and Native Solar (renewable energy company).  Since we started, BuildNative has built over 70 Net Zero Energy Homes in the Austin area.  These homes produce all their own electricity, and collect enough rainwater to supply the homes water needs.  Native Solar has installed hundreds of solar systems all over the state, including west TX (Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute).  We are looking forward to outfitting the Desert Air Motel with solar!

We first visited Big Bend 5 years ago for Thanksgiving with the grandparents.  That next year we made 5 different excursions out to West Texas exploring.  Although Sara would like an occasional vacation elsewhere, I can usually convince her that the desert is where we need to go.  There is something about the desert and west TX, I cannot get enough of it.

- Nick

Sand dune surfing

Sand dune surfing

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