The Town

The small town of Sanderson is home to about 700 residents and a slower paced way of life.  Sanderson has managed to escape the boom and bustle of the outside world to remain a community with no traffic lights and a 2018 high school graduating class of 15 seniors.  As the growth of the country starts creeping its way through Sanderson at 30 mph on Highway 90, we want to be a part of Sanderson's growth without changing the core of what makes this town appealing and authentic.  

Driving into town

Driving into town

An oasis in the desert

Sanderson is tucked away inside west Texas hills on the eastern border of the Chihuahua Desert.  The nearest towns, Marathan and Fort Stockton, are a one hour drive.  Big Bend National Park is a two hour drive.  Sanderson is situated perfectly for those who wish to avoid driving Hwy 10 heading east or west.  The views are stunning and the traffic is sparce around here.  Whether you're making a stop on a longer journey or staying here to get an early start on other west TX destinations, The Desert Air Motel is a nice place to rest your head.

Around Town

Z Bar Trading Co. is an interesting and fun store that likely has just what you needed.  It's hardware store meets antique store, meets nursery, meets home goods.

The Ranch House Restaurant is currently the only restaurant in town.  Their hours vary, so you might want ot call ahead to make sure they're open.

Dusty Bottoms Grocery is a small store with food basics and regular hours.

When all else fails, the Stripes Gas Station is the place to go for food.  Their breakfast tacos are pretty good if gotten fresh.

Julio's Bar is just the place for those that want a drink and to shoot pool.  Call Julio (number posted on the bar door) and he'll come open the joint for you.

The Bi-Cenntenial Park in the middle of town has nice shaded areas, a playground, and public pool.

The Hiking and Nature Trail is an easy walk up and around the hills that surround half the town.  It offers beautiful views and plenty of nature sightings.  Its the perfect spot for sunset views.

Swing by the Terrell County Visitors Center for more info on the town and surrounding areas.

Click here to visit the Sanderson Chamber of Commerce page.  It is current with all the events happening in Sanderson which include the annual Snake Days, Cactus Weekend and Fourth of July Celebrations.

Z Bar Trading co. has everything you need

Z Bar Trading co. has everything you need

On the walking trail

On the walking trail

Cactus Capital of Texas

Sanderson is a popular destination for naturalists.  Come explore the town hiking and nature trail to discover west Texas vegetation, birds, wildlife and insects.