Perseids Meteor Shower

Keep your eyes to the sky this weekend because August 11-13 is the peak viewing time for the Perseids Meteor Shower.  This meteor shower, named after the constellation Perseus, occurs every year from about mid-July thru the end of August.  This year, however, the showers are expected to be particularly specactular because the moon will be a small crescent and set early.  This will leave a dark sky for viewing the show.  The interwebs are saying to give your eyes a good 30 minutes to adjust to the dark sky for better viewing.

meteor shower.jpg

Anyone that has been to the Big Bend area of Texas knows the night skies are spectacular for star gazing and Sanderson is no exception.  This no stop light, one restaurant, no liquer store small town might be just the place you have been looking for to watch the shower.  We'll be here and sitting outside with eyes to the sky this weekend.  

Many thanks to Nick's cousin, Andrew, for letting us in on the meteor shower scoop.  He's our science and nature go-to guy.  Check out this link for more info: Please comment below to share more about this meteor shower or the best place to view meteor showers in Sanderson.

Check out how small the moon will be August 11-13

Check out how small the moon will be August 11-13