Our New Sign!

Its official! The sign is now painted and back to the style and colors from the 1960s. We’ve been anxiously waiting to tackle this project since we aquired the motel in July of last year. It looks beautiful. Now the only thing left to do is outfit it with the LED Neon lights.

Joe and Kelly went to Sanderson on Sunday with the hopes of getting the sign painted in 2 days, but the rain turned it into a 4 day ordeal. The below pics show the sign being pressure washed to remove chipping paint. Then the base brown and red colors were painted on. If you notice all the little holes in the sign, these are from the original Neon tubes.

Then came the tedious part, chalking the letters from a template, and painting between the lines. Kelly was insistent that she handle the detailed work. Joe followed behind and filled in the gaps.

They worked into the night getting as much done as possible because we were battling with rain in the forecast. We had Jim (Sanderson Buzzards) serenading Kelly to keep her motivated.

JIm playing a little music for Kelly

JIm playing a little music for Kelly

We got totally rained out Wednesday morning. Fortunately, things dry quickly in the desert.

Can’t paint a sign in the rain…

Can’t paint a sign in the rain…

Here is the finished product. We have some temporary lights hanging up top to illuminate the sign at night while we wait to get the LED Neon installed.

Thank you Kelly Stevens for all your help with this. You rock! Kelly is a graphic designer if anyone needs this service (http://www.sevencreative.com).

Desert Air Sign Painted
Desert Air Sign Painted - Night

Don’t forget about our Grand Re-Opening party scheduled for June 15th. We hope you can come and celebrate with us and be part of the Sign Lighting Ceremony.

Party - FB (1).jpg

If you are planning on joining us for our celebration, please RSVP on our Facebook page (Link to Event Below). This is really important for us so we can make sure we have the proper amount of food and drinks.