Room Renovations Continue - Part 4

We officially tiled the last room last week. No more carpet! This is a pic of the last room before the carpet was pulled out.

Carpet, Be gone!

Carpet, Be gone!

Thanks Curtis, Kelly, and Brittney for doing a great job and helping us keep momentum with the motel renovations. I finally convinced them to pose for a group pic after threatening to use one I snapped while they were tiling (which only caught their back sides)! :-)

Curtis, Kelly & Brittney

Curtis, Kelly & Brittney

So the current renovation tally is:

  • All 16 rooms have tile

  • 8 rooms are freshly painted and have new drapes and fixtures

  • 2 rooms are fully renovated with new furniture and artwork.

We were hoping to have all the renovations done by now, but it turns out renovating a motel is not cheap! So we’ve had to slow down a little and budget. Its not as much fun being fiscally responsible...

In any case, the next step is to finish painting the remaining 8 rooms and outfit them with new drapes and fixtures. Next we’ll need to bite the really expensive bullet and start ordering the new head boards. In the meantime, we’ll continue to get the artwork on order. We have another 3 rooms worth currently in transit.

Some of the antique furniture currently in the doubles will need to be retired (sold). If anyone is interested in owning some cool antiques and a piece of the Desert Air, please let us know. We are actively trying to sell these pieces and will use the proceeds to fund some of the renovations.

I want to give a shout out to some of our Facebook and BLOG followers that have stayed with us recently and specifically requested the fully renovated rooms. WE LOVE IT!

Below is a picture of one of the doubles before we started and the finished product.

Rooms Before and After.JPG