Room Renovations Continue - Part 2

This week we gave Room 117 a facelift! This is the first guest room to get the living area completely redone. We wanted to make sure we were happy with our selections before ordering in bulk the materials for the other 15 rooms (headboard, baseboard, paint color, curtains, etc).

Here is a list of the renovation items:

  1. Painting walls and ceiling

  2. Baseboard

  3. New electrical components

  4. Built countertop for kitchenette

  5. TV mounted on wall

  6. New collapsable cloths hanging rod

  7. New Curtain rod, curtains and drapes

  8. New Headboard for Bed

The first step was pulling all the furniture out of the room again and removing all the fixtures mounted to the wall. We then patched all the holes and prepped for painting. Below is a pic of Joe putting a fresh coat of white paint on the walls and ceiling. It looks amazing! Clean and bright!

Painting Room.jpeg

Check out the awesome new headboard and curtains!

New Headboard.jpeg

In the below pic you can see we moved the fridge and microwave from under the TV to the alcove with a new countertop. This really opened up the entry to the guest room and makes it more comfortable moving around.

Room Pics.JPG

We still have a little more work to do in 117. Like the art work we ordered 3 weeks ago still hasn’t arrived, some new chairs and area rugs… But even with a few loose ends, the transformation is stunning. We cannot wait to get the other rooms up to the same condition.

New Drapes.jpeg